CCSU Student Organization Policies

Policies to Know for Student Organizations:

Chartered Student Organizations are those groups recognized by New Mexico State University as organized clubs that have completed charter forms with the Office of Campus Activities. A Chartered Student Organization may reserve space in Corbett Center Student Union for meetings and events provided the student organization has current and updated charter forms on file and an Activity Request Form must be filled out at Campus Activities to begin the process of reserving space.

Policies have been developed to assure the most productive use of facilities, establish standards to determine proper and authorized use, and ensure consistent and fair availability. Below is a brief summary of the policies which are essential to the day to day management of space in Corbett Center.

Scheduling Events & Meetings

All events should be scheduled at least 2 full days (no less than 48 hours) prior to the start of the event. Meeting & event requests outside of this time frame must be done in person and will be granted based on availability.
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Any member listed on the student organization charter may request event space, meeting rooms, or information tables. An Activity Registration Form must be filled out with Campus Activities before space can be reserved at Conference Services.  One contact person, and one back up contact person, should be established for each event to work directly with the Conference Services office.
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Activity Registration Form

An Activity Registration Form is required to schedule space for ALL REQUESTS
(meetings, events, conferences, room reservations, tabling, etc.) sponsored by a student organization. Activity Registration Forms are submitted through the Campus Activities office and must be reviewed before space will be reserved.
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Recurring Meetings

If you have recurring meetings, you still have to fill out an Activity Request Form (ARF) for the semester that encompasses all requested dates.  If, however, you decide to have an event in addition to your recurring meeting, you will have to fill out a separate Activity Request Form (ARF).

Meeting vs. Event

  • Meeting— a gathering on behalf of the club or organization, where the following criteria are met:
    • Limited to club membership and no outside guests invited
    • Only official club business will transpire
  • Event—any gathering that is not a meeting and may also have the following:
    • The meeting will be open to the public or community
    • Outside speakers or special presentations will be made
    • Food and/or beverage will be served

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Changes to Scheduled Events & Meetings

All requests for changing an event must be submitted in writing to your designated event coordinator. Be sure to include the name and date for your event and the specific changes that you are requesting. Please make all changes at least 48 hours in advance. Last minute requests may be denied.
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Cancellation and No-Show

Groups must give a 24 hour notice to Conference Services — no later than 12:00 noon the day before the scheduled reservation or by 12:00 noon on Friday if the event is scheduled on a weekend or on Monday. No cancellation, late cancellation, and no-shows, will all be flagged as “no-show” for tracking purposes. Student organizations which accumulate two (2) “no shows” during an academic semester will lose privileges to schedule events in Corbett Center Student Union, including the use of Courtesy Rooms, for the remainder of the academic year. Events already scheduled will be cancelled.
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Meeting Room Conditions

When meetings are ended, rooms should be in the same condition as the start of the meeting. Trash must be put in receptacles and not left on tables or floors. Rooms that are not fixed in seating setup style must have tables and chairs reset to the same configuration before ending the meeting.
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Certain events at Corbett Center Student Union may require security at the expense of the sponsoring organization.  Conference Services and the University Police Department reserve the right to determine the number of security staff for each event.  The security staff is required to  be on premises 30 minutes prior to the event start and at least 30 minutes after the scheduled ending time to make certain the facility is completely cleared.
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Food In Meeting Rooms 

Food & catering for events in Corbett Center Student Union must be purchased from Campus Dining/Sodexo. Sodexo is the sole professional contract food provider in the Corbett Center Student Union accommodating food service needs ranging from refreshments to gourmet meals.
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Students may arrange catering needs and can also organize “pick-up” catering orders directly with Sodexo at or by contacting them directly at 575-646-4801.  Campus Dining/Sodexo will pick up their catering dishes and trash after the event.

Attendees can bring their own beverage, snack, or fast food for individual consumption into meeting rooms.  However, organizations cannot order from vendors off campus, bring in food or beverage purchased elsewhere, or prepare “pot luck” style to serve to the whole group.  Students are required to remove their food and trash from the meeting room. It cannot be left in the trash receptacles inside the room.
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Equipment (audio visual, furniture, chairs, etc.) is furnished in meeting rooms upon request and at no cost for regular business meetings and university events (closed to the public).  An equipment fee will be assessed for events that fall out of the “regular business meeting” definition, further explained under the Fees section.

Equipment is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and may be requested when reserving meeting space with the Conference Services Office.  No audio visual equipment should be taken from the building or from the assigned room or area at any time.

AV equipment can be setup on the outdoor stage with Corbett Center approval. A labor fee will be assessed to the group requesting outdoor sound amplification. If the group decides to make other audio-visual arrangements for outdoor events, Corbett Center will not be responsible for equipment.

If damage and/or loss of requested audio visual equipment should occur, the sponsoring organization responsible for the reserved items will be charged accordingly.  Charges will reflect repair or replacement costs.
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There are no rental fees charged for meeting rooms or equipment for regular business meetings. Fees will apply when:

1)       There is an admission/registration fee or donation requested to attend an event;

2)       The event is advertised to the public, i.e. newspapers, radio, flyers;

3)       Additional room setups or AV labor is requested; or, there are damages or cleanup fees assessed.

If damage occurs in a room or reserved area or if there is a loss of requested equipment including audio-visual equipment, the organization responsible for the reserved space will be charged.  Additionally, if additional clean up following a scheduled event requires more than normal custodial labor or improper application of decorations has occurred, the sponsoring organization will be assessed a clean up fee.
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Priority Scheduling 

Student organizations are listed as a third priority for scheduling events in Corbett Center. Organizations may schedule business meetings and events for the next academic year (fall and spring) on March 1-15 each year. Beginning April 1 of each year, scheduling opens up to any group (students, departments, public) to schedule for the fall and spring on a first come basis.

1st Priority: January 1-31 Important University events (commencement, homecoming, etc.)
2nd Priority: February 1-28 University events large in scale (conferences, career fairs, etc.)
3rd Priority: March 1-15 All Student Organization meetings and events
4th Priority: March 16-31 All University Department meetings and events
5th Priority: April 1 Open scheduling (including Public events — on a first come basis)

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 Information Tables

Student organizations are allowed to book information tables and are granted space based upon availability.  More than one day can be reserved in the same week if the table represents information for events that is in the interest of the whole University community (faculty, staff, students). During Greek RUSH/RECRUITMENT events, there is no limit on the number of days an organization can reserve a lobby table on the first floor or outside.

Distribution of information and solicitation must be confined to the location designated and must be staffed at all times by a member of the student organization.
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Courtesy Rooms

A selection of rooms have been designated as Courtesy Rooms that can be scheduled at the Information Desk by the Corbett Center Event Support Staff after business hours and on weekends for walk-in requests.  Courtesy Rooms are issued based upon availability, are fixed in seating, and must be used “as is”. When the meeting is over, tables and chairs must be straightened and in the same setup condition as when assigned. All trash must be removed from the room. A clean up fee or reset fee may be charged to the organization if room is left in unsatisfactory condition.
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Decorating Policy
  • Facility access for decorating and clean up must be approved by Conference Services in advance for each event. Please refer to reservation confirmation for specified times.  These times must be adhered to.  Access to the room, other than agreed upon times, will not be allowed.
  • For your safety, decorating must be done from ladders.  Items such as chairs, tables, etc. should not be used.
  • Emergency exits and service doors must not be blocked with any decorations, equipment, or chairs.
  • Painters tape (blue) or removable poster mounts (magic mounts, 3m brands) are the only acceptable fastening material to be used on walls.  Nails, tacks, other types of tape, screws, or staples must not be used to fasten decorations to the walls, doors, curtains, glass or any other part of the facility.
  • Decorations, banners, or other items, must not be attached to, or suspended from any ceiling, doors, dividers, or windows. (Attaching or suspending any item from the Corbett Center Ballroom acoustic cloth wall paneling is strictly prohibited).
  • Caution in the use of helium and other flammable material is essential.  Fire codes prohibit the use of hay, straw, cornstalks, or other dry tinder in the building.
  • Use of paint or aerosol spray products is prohibited.
  • Battery operated candles are allowed.  WAX candles are prohibited lit or unlit.
  • Glitter, confetti, rice, flower petals, stones, and other hard to clean materials are prohibited.
  • Large containers of water or fountains are prohibited without prior notification and approval.
  • “Light Show” projectors and similar equipment using any type of liquid are prohibited (i.e., fog machines)
  • All equipment, supplies, and decorations brought into the facility shall be removed immediately following the event. University staff is not responsible for equipment or supplies left behind following an event.
  • General cleaning of facilities is the responsibility of the facility staff.  If excessive cleaning is required in the facility after the event, a cleanup fee will be charged to the customer following the event.  This includes trash not deposited into trash receptacles; decorations not disposed of or removed; cleaning due to excessive spilled food, beverages, or other hard to remove items from the carpet.
  • The Customer is responsible for the actions of their guests, staff, and contractors (caterers, decorators, and entertainers).

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  1. Organizations holding events on the campus of NMSU may request a banner, event boards, and digital TV signage in the Corbett Center to promote their event.
  2. Banners — Will only be approved for events in Corbett Center or scheduled areas outside the building. They can only be hung by CCSU staff 48 hours prior to the event and removed the day after the event. Approximate size should be 4′ to 10′ in length and banners must have grommets to be able to hang with string or rope.  Please contact Conference Services for approved banner spaces and availability.
  3. Event Boards — Posters/Fliers to promote events on campus cannot exceed 14″ x 11″ in size. They can be placed on event boards located in Corbett Center no more than 30 days prior to the event. All signage must be date stamped and approved at the CCSU Information Desk. Signage will be removed and disposed of the day after the event.
  4. Digital TV Signage — There are 3 LCD TV screen inside Corbett Center. To request signage, fill out a CCSU Digital Signage Request form available from the Information desk or print a copy of the web form. If the organization would like CCSU to create the signage, indicate this on the request form. The form will be reviewed and if approved, will be placed in rotation to be displayed on the LCD screens. The event cannot be a regularly scheduled meeting. Digital signage may be posted up to 7 days prior to an event. Typical run time is 6-8 seconds in rotation.

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