New User FAQs

Most Frequently Asked Questions with Virtual EMS:
How do I Create an Account?
How do I Request a Facility or Event Space?
How do I Request Multiple Facilities or Multiple Dates?
How do I Request a Recurring Event?
How do I Cancel my Reservation/Request?
How do I Determine Event Space Availability ?

How do I Create an account?

This is only available to NMSU departments and Chartered Student Organizations. Only approved members of Student Organizations will be granted access.

Click on

Step 1: Click on the My Account just above the calendar. Select Create an Account from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Fill in the required information, and click Save .  (HINT: The screen will not tell you that your information has been submitted; it will only refresh your screen if the information is complete.) On the right upper side of the screen it will say “Welcome and Your Name” if it has been submitted correctly.

Step 3: Once your information has been submitted, it will go through an approval process . Please allow up to two (2) business days for account approval.

Step 4: You will be notified via email when your account request is approved. As an approved user, you may then submit reservation requests.

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How do I Request a Facility or Event Space?

Log In , under Reservations Tab choose Request Room , follow these procedures

Now you see the Facility Request Form where you enter a date, start and end time for your event. Leave areas as ALL, chose location building and enter an estimated attendance. Click Find Space Button .

Available rooms will populate in the middle section of the webpage under Availability . Choose the green plus (+) sign next to the location you desire and it will move the event up on the page under the Selected Locations field. Next click on the Details tab at the top of the screen and enter your Event Name, and choose an Event Type. Under the Group Field add the Department or Student Organization you are booking your event for and your contact information. Next enter information about your event and answer the required questions in the Other Information section. Finally, enter equipment and/or furniture needs and Submit Reservation , by clicking on the tab at the bottom of the screen.

Once the reservation is submitted, you will see a Facility Request Summary that tells you the status of your event. Note that your event is not Confirmed until it indicates this on your summary page. Also realize that the Conference Services office reserves the right to relocate your event at its discretion. You will always be notified of any and all changes from your request or reservation should they be necessary.

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How do I request Multiple Facilities or Multiple Dates?

Log In , complete a Facility Request Form and/or open up an Existing Reservation , follow these procedures

Complete a Facility or Event Space request in previous question, or open an existing reservation to review event details.

If you are searching for more space at the time of the initial request, additional room options from your original search will remain in the Availability section below any rooms you are already requesting under Selected Locations. Click on additional Green plus (+) signs next to additional locations you wish to request to add them to your Selected Locations tab.

If you wish to add to an existing reservation, Log In, chose Reservations under the main options bar along the top of the main section, and then select View My Requests . Now click on the Name of your event and you will be taken to a list of facilities you have reserved for your event located under the Reservation Details tab. On the right hand side of this tab, you will see Add Booking which enables you to add more dates or facilities to your event.

To add multiple dates or additional facilities to a reservation, use the When and Where window along the left side of your reservation’s page and enter search criteria for additional dates or facilities. When completed, click on the Find Space tab at the bottom of the window. Add additional space in the same fashion by clicking on the Green plus (+) signs next to the desired space, and select the Details tab at the top to complete and proceed with your reservation.

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How do I Request a Recurring Event (same time each week, etc.)?

Log In , under Reservations Tab choose Request Room to access the Facility Request Form, fill in information and use Recurrence Option .

You can request an event/meeting that you would like to occur every Monday, or every 2 nd Tuesday of the month for example, by using the Recurrence Option on the Facility Request Form.

After you Log In and choose Request Room under Reservations , click the Recurrence button along the left hand side under the When & Where window. This will open the Recurrence window to which you will enter start and end times for the event followed by your chosen Recurrence Pattern; i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Random. Now chose the day your event is to occur (start date) and chose an end date by either selecting an end to a pattern of events after so many occurrences, or on a specific date. Click the Apply Reoccurrence button and you will see in the When & Where box all your criteria listed.

You can then proceed with choosing the facility/location to which to hold your event, along with your event attendance, in order to find your space as usual.

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How do I Cancel my Reservation/Request?

Log In , under Reservations tab, click View My Requests , then choose event and select Red X to cancel

If you have an existing event request and no longer wish to hold the event, it is very simple to cancel it using Virtual EMS . After you have logged in, choose Reservations under the main options bar along the top of the main section, and then select View My Requests .

This will give you a list of all your current events from which you want to click on the name of the event that you wish to cancel. You will then be taken to a Facility Request Summary list that will indicate all facilities that are associated with that event.

Click the Red X on the left hand side of the screen next to the space you wish to cancel. Then the system will prompt that you want to cancel the booking, which you confirm by selecting the OK button. A new window will appear to indicate the booking has been canceled. Click OK once again to clear this window.

To cancel additional bookings within a reservation, click the Red X along the left hand side under the main center window next to each additional booking you wish to cancel.

You can determine that a location has been cancelled, by looking under the Status subcategory along the right hand side of the Bookings center section.

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How do I Determine Facility or Event Space Availability?

We recommend that you select check availability before filling out the request form. This will improve the probability of getting the space you require. Please keep in mind that forms are processed in the order received. If a person submits a request before you, the space may not be available.

To check for Facility or Event Space Availability, go . Click on the Browse tab at the top and select Browse for Space . Here you will see all events booked in a specific space. The word private simply indicates an event that is not being advertised to the NMSU community but is taking place in the facility.

To change the date and look for availability on a future date, click on the Filter option in the upper right hand corner under the main solid options bar. A pop-up window will appear where you will change the date and/or add any other additional filter options to your search. You then simply click Apply at the bottom of the window and the new date will load to where you can check space availability.

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