Classroom Space

Academic Space

New Mexico State University has over 70 academic buildings on campus, in addition to residential facilities, administrative offices, and athletic buildings.  Many standard classrooms feature moveable chairs and tables, whiteboards, a power screen, LCD Projector mounted in the ceiling, a teacher’s console with computer, VCR with VHS & DVD players, a document camera and standard controls to switch between computer, document camera, VCR and laptop inputs. Smaller seminar rooms and conference rooms are equipped with computer, screen, LCD Projector mounted in the ceiling, VCR with VHS & DVD players and standard controls.  Classrooms are capable of seating from 20-400 and are available subject to academic schedules. We are able to accommodate most requests between late May and early August.

In addition to classroom space, NMSU offers a myriad of usable space, including two libraries, multiple computer labs, three auditoriums, and The Music Center, featuring a 502 seat recital hall, classrooms, offices, and soundproof practice rooms with equipment.

Residence Hall Space

Our residence halls offer a number of classrooms and multi-function spaces capable of accommodating a variety of needs between late May and early August.  Classrooms are capable of seating from 18 to 50.  Additional lobby and recreation space is also available in the residence halls.  Classroom space may be reserved in Rhodes Garrett Hamiel Hall, Pinon Hall, and in La Vista Learning Center in Garcia Hall.